Introduction to Sales Module

Odoo CMS - a big picture
  • Sales

    • Customers - To create new customer and their company information, it can be customer or company to represent.

    • Quotations - To create new quotation

    • Sales Orders - To create new sales order

  • Invoicing

    • Deliveries to Invoice - Can create DO without sales orders

  • Products

    • Products - To create new product or open created product.

    • Customer Product Price History - History of product price. Recorded each time you update, easier for you to refer old prices.

    • Products by Category - Placed products should be inter-related in the same category, eg:




      Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry


      Carrot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Asparagus

  • Configuration - for administrator to edit or update

    • Unit of Measure - eg: kg, ml, etc.

    • Unit of Measure of Categories - eg:

      Unit of Measure of Category

      Unit of Measure

      Working Time

      Day(s), Hour(s)

      Length / Distance

      foot(ft), inch(es), m, km, mile(s)

    •  Address Book - Company address book

    •  Product Categories & Attributes - To create new product's category

    •  Pricelists - List of current prices of items on sale