How to Create Deliveries to Invoice?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Step 1

  1. Click the "Sales" on menu.

  2. Go to "Invoicing" and select "Deliveries To Invoice" on the submenu.

  3. Click  by and start to add new document.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Step 2

  1. Select  and choose your partner.

    • Creation Date - Usually the time of the order.

    • Scheduled Date - Expected date for all the stock moves.

  2. Next, select .

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Step 3

  1. Select your product in the .

  2. Fill in the quantity that customer needed and select the units( kg, g, cm, foot and etc).

  3. Date : Moving date - Scheduled date ultil move is done, then date of actual move processing.

  4. Expected Date - Default is same as Schedule Date (unless specify).

  5. Invoice Control:

    • Invoiced - Draft Invoice is automatically created at background

    • To Be Invoiced -  An Invoice is waiting to be created 

    • Not Applicable - No Invoice will be created

  6. Locations: (default Location as below)

    • Source Location - WareHouse / Stock

    • Destination Location - Partner Locations / Customers

  7. When everything is complete, select  , or select  to continue add new product, else click  to cancel edit.

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Step 4

  1. Select "Additonal Info" shown below.

  2. Picking Type

    • Receipts – Do not select as this is mainly for receiving goods (PO)

    • Internal Transfers – This is mainly for internal company stock moves

    • Delivery Order – This should be Default for all DO creation.

  3. Once you done and click .

  4. Next, Click on Mark as TODO

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Step 5

  1. "Waiting Availability" will be shown under the status .

  2. Then, continue click on .

  3. Available - Product is available at stock.

  4. Waiting Available - You can Force Available if you need to transfer.

  5. Next, Click on “Transfer”.

  6. Then, Click “OK”. If you need to separate to multiple DO then follow standard DO flow.