How to Create New Supplier?

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Step 1

  1. Select "Purchases" on menu.

  2. Then continue select "Supplier" on submenu.

  3. Click   to start create a new supplier.

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Step 2

  1. Is it a company? If yes, please tick  .

    Otherwise, leave it blank.

  2. NAME: Fill in customer company's name in "Name". If you would like to change your own company profile picture, kindly click  .

  3. Fill in all customer/supplier profile including (company's address, website, job position, GST no, e-mail and contact no).

  4. Click on "Sales & Purchase" shown below to continue.

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Step 3

  1. Salesperson: Please choose your salesperson by click the  .

  2. If your company is for both customer & supplier then tick both  .

  3. Active – uncheck if this supplier no longer active if cannot delete it.

  4. Other please consult our support if you need to setup, otherwise leave it as default settings.

  5. Click "Accounting" to continue next step.

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Step 4

  1. This is an optional.

  2. You may edit your own "Account Receivable" and "Account Payable".

  3. Leave it as "default" settings unless you will like to configure A/R and A/P account for this supplier.

  4. When everything is complete, remember to click  , or to cancel the edit, click .